BEST* Free Mp3 Download sites to Listen Music Online

Free mp3 download sites : All music lovers can relate to the thrill of listening to your favorite music whenever you want, whether it be out in the nature, working out, trying to sleep or even as a beautiful substitute to background noise while you do other work. Some students even find it difficult to study unless their favorite dreamy music is playing on their music player.

You could even be the fan girl type who cannot miss a new song from their preferred artists and you make sure to keep a track of all their albums, solos and singles. While most of the artist’s work is available in the physical form, not all fans are able to access it. This is possible in only some cases when the artist you love doesn’t sell album copies in your country.

BEST* Free Mp3 Download sites to Listen Music Online

However the main problem remains that you may not want to spend your money for the actual album or even a digital album. If you want this problem solved, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn how you can update your android phone or mp3 player with the latest songs of any genre.


Top 5 Free Music Download Sites
Top 5 Free Music Download Sites

Top 5 Mp3 Sites to download music online for free :

Most upcoming artists produce their music themselves and then sell it on iTunes, only via a digital album/song. This is because it makes the cost of producing fairly minimum and the artist can benefit off his/her hard work too.

This is different from picking up another artists work and placing it online for free. Legally the person involved could be charged for unlawful distribution of work that is not his own to begin with. This being said, you should know that free distribution of most popular songs is extremely common and there are millions of downloaders who choose to use these sites. The reason why this is so popular is because it is free and users don’t have to pay a single paisa and the audio quality also has no particular glitches.

Here we will list out a few of the popular music sharing sites which you can browse through and download free mp3 songs of your choice.


  • Sound Cloud.soundcloud

Sound cloud is a popular website for music listening and sharing.It has all the popular music, songs, instrumentals, remixes, unreleased music of all genres. This is one website from where you can download music legally. However the catch is that the popular songs from established artists are not for download and you can only listen to them. On the upside, there are dozens of equally talented new artists whose music is free for download. You can find great song covers which might be even more appealing to you than the original track. You can easily access it from your Google or Facebook account. Once you are in, just search the lists for the song you want. A download button will appear below the track. Click on it to download it to your device.

  • MP3Skullmp3 skull

Another popular music search engine is Mp3Skull.  Using it also is fairly simple. Search the list of popular songs or type in the name of song, artist, album or genre. A list will be displayed showing the search results. You can also scroll through the right hand side column which displays the most popular , most downloaded and most played lists etc.   Unlike Sound cloud, here all the listening and downloading is always free and there is no restriction to what you can download and what you cannot.  Before you start the download, the songs length and size and how much time it will take for download is given for your reference.

  • BeeMP3

A very widely used mp3 site which allows you to have access to top music and artists for free.  It has a search box where you type in the songs or artist you want. They also have a vast library from where you could listen and browse. You could even end up discovering new great artists from similar genres you enter in the search.  You have the option of filtering songs by various criteria. For example- you can filter out by songs by their length. Or you can filter out the remixed versions of songs; this means that only original versions will be showed to you.

free mp3 sites 2016
free mp3 sites 2016

It is very useful to have all sorts of information in the song file itself. The songs you will download from this website will come with other information like artist name, file size, bit rate etc.

  • YouTube Music Downloader

If the songs you love are all on YouTube and are trying in vain to search them elsewhere, then we have another option for you. You can make use of YouTube itself to make the download! You may be wondering how you can do this.

There are two methods-

  1. Download YTD Video Downloader on your PC. Then go to YouTube and open the song you want to download. Select the link of the video and enter it in the YTD on you PC.
    Youtube downloader
    Youtube downloader

    It will then ask you where you want to save it and the quality you want. After selecting that click download button. It will have downloaded the video. Then go to convert option and open the file there. You can convert it to mp3 there (there are a list of other options as well) and it will be saved in your PC.

  2. Search for the song or music on YouTube. Select the link and paste it to Free maker YouTube mp3 Boom and Click on enter and on the arrow to download the song in mp3 format. You can also search for music here without opening YouTube. In the search box type in the song name. When you get search results just click on the arrow and even this method will get you the mp3 easily.

There are many other sites apart from the ones mentioned here which will give you access to free music downloads. A few of them are- emp3world,,, amazon, dramacore,  vimeo, jamendo etc. You can check out any of these to find the music of your choice in your phone, free of cost.

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Free Mp3 Download Sites : Best Free Mp3 Sites to Download Music

Free Mp3 Download Sites : Music is the most common element that we find in all the human beings. Listening to music is the largest trait that is found. Almost everybody loves music in some for or the other. Some like regional songs some like spiritual. Music is an invisible thread that is connecting all of the people around the world. No matter in which corner, no matter if somebody knows the other or not, music is the only connection between them.

Since, everybody loves music, people want to acquire it but they do not want to spend on it. Earlier, you could have brought a CD or DVD or cassettes. But time changes. Now people buy music via itunes, melon etc. Even though these exist people are prone to free stuff hence, affinities towards anything that is free. Today, in the internet there are more than 100 sites which will allow you to download mp3 songs for free.

Free Mp3 Download Sites : Best Free Mp3 Sites to Download Music 2016

Free Mp3 Download Sites


This site allows you to search for your desired song that you are looking for. You can search your desired result by typing the song name, artist etc. As per your query, it will generate the top results. You can search from the result what song your are searching for. Once you select, there will be to option available either you can play the file there or you can download. Click on the download button. It will ask you whether you want to download the mp3 version or the video of it. Click on “download”. Your song will be downloaded now.

Free Music Download Sites 2016
Free Music Download Sites 2016

It is one of the most famous sites where you can download music legally. here you can find variety of audio tracks: remixes, karaoke, unreleased tracks and many more. There are numerous bands and singers to choose from. Create a soundcloud account and you gain unlimited access to all the songs present there. It is like a pandora’s box. It gives you almost all songs of your choice. This site is winning everybody’s heart and trust. Try it yourself to enjoy the bliss.


This is one of the most popular sites to download songs. Mp3Raid features to index and organize music that has been legally posted on the Internet. This has the most powerful search engine to search songs as per your requirements. You can browse the songs as per their genres or their artists or their names. Even if you are not confident about the song’s name, just put any of the above keywords. The site will automatically generate all the results related to it. You can even listen to the song before downloading. This is the most successful site in the market.

Free Mp3 Download Sites
Free Mp3 Download Sites
  1. indexes and organizes 100 thousands of free music downloads. All the songs are stacked as per their genres, artists and tags. The added advantage of this site is that there are lyrics with the songs. You can sing along with the songs if you want. has a huge song lyrics database for all lyrics needs. It also provides you the top hits of the day making it easier to decide on the songs you want. You can access to songs very fast, whether you wants to listen them or download to your PC or laptop. It’s a good Mp3 search engine with links to free mp3 music download.


  1. Mp3box

Mp3box is a free mp3 music download website. It provides you to stream music online for free; you can play tons of artists, albums and songs without registration here. It is another one of the great free mp3 download sites to listen top songs from famous artists. You can search songs by genres, artists or by top albums. Just choose any, you’ll be able to get more details about the songs and download either specific song or the entire album of the artist. If you love music, then MP3box can be the right place for you!


This is probably the most used and the oldest downloading website. It gives you liberty to listen the songs online and download the songs for free. It has countless number of songs arranged systematically. You can easily sort out the song you want. The songs are classified as per their bit rate. It has various bit rates which affects the download speed and the quality of the song. This site maintains itself in top 10 counts always. This is always people’s first choice.

Free Music Download Sites 2016
Free Music Download Sites 2016
  1. Emp3world

As one of the free mp3 download sites, Emp3world discovers new and top music hits that music fans around the world can listen here. The site crawl the internet to find mp3 downloadable files for indexing on its database. It’s a unique service can detect people’s growing interest in some songs, and then immediately search the web for these mp3 files, adding them to its own database. By replacing all broken links with new ones, Emp3world has fresh content all the time. You can listen or download free mp3 songs in Emp3world.

  1. Beemp3

Beemp3 is a multimillion mp3 base, one of the most popular free mp3 download sites, here has top artists and hit music free for download. The advance search box lets you find all the songs you want to download. You can search songs by album, artist or just exploring their huge database to get more choices. This site also allows users to filter results by song duration. An interesting option for you: you can filter all remixed, it means all remixed songs will not be displayed. It shows all the information about the track you selected like their genre or the artist etc.

free mp3 sites 2016
free mp3 sites 2016

These are the few choices from where you can access countless songs and enjoy listening to them. Downloading the songs and listening to then has became this easy. All thanks to the above sites. Check out the websites and download your favorite songs.

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Top 10 English Songs 2016 You Must Listen Now

Top 10 Best English Songs of 2016 : Music is one of the best modes of entertainment of our life. Music helps us to manifest unspoken humanity and desire by touching our soul. It is practiced by many individuals in different languages throughout different parts of the world. Amusement reaches to a new height when it comes to music.

There are various benefits of music. It is said that music has the power of healing any kind of mental malady. The best part of music is its power of soothing our mind.

Top 10 English Songs 2016 You Must Listen Now :

Top 10 English Songs 2016
Top 10 English Songs 2016

In this blog post, we have summed up some best English song of this season. Ten of the top songs are listed below:


This song never fails to touch the heart of the listeners for its lovely ear soothing rhythm and awesome lyrics. This song is amazingly sung by Calvin Harris along with John Newman. This amazing song belongs to the album named Motion.  The song conveys about John who is not willing to accept the full responsibility regarding an essential issue. This song was released in the year 2014. It received huge positive response by several major music critics.

Stolen dance: 

This mind blowing song is sung by Milky Chance and it was released in the year 2013. This song broke all the result just after arriving into the market. The song contains a special feeling of melancholy and love.


This amazing song, sung by Sia, is regarded to be one of the best songs of the season. This song is described as an electro pop ballad. The lyric of the song talks about the fatigue and the glitter of the life of a party girl.


The song, sung by American pop rock band Maroon, is a fresh arrival in the market. The lyric of the song is about the search of love that needs to be found. This is an up-tempo pop rock track.

Stay with me:

Sam Smith is the singer of this popular romantic number. This song has already made a huge market among the audience. Sam Smith is widely acknowledged for his lovely voice.  Stay with Me was released in 2014.


Anaconda is a song by American rapper Nicki Minaj. The song is a pop rap and hip hop song. Nicki is best known for her stunning attitude and powerful voice.

Black widow: 

This song belongs to the album named The New Classics. This album is one of the best innovative albums of this season. Iggy Azalea is the singer of the song which features Rita Ora. This English number has a powerful lyrical support.

Shake it Off: 

Shake it off is sung by Taylor Swift who is one of the most talented singers of the music industry. This amazing song is written by Martin, Swift, and Shellback. Swift dedicated this song to her detractors.

Bang Bang: 

This song is beautifully sung by Jessie HJ along with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. This is a soulful song which received huge appreciations by the music critics.

All about the Bass: 

This amazing song is sung by the talented singer Meghan Trainer.

These songs are sorted after observing their popularity in the market.

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Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs You Must Watch, Listen Today

Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs : Taylor Swift is an eminent songwriter and singer from Pennsylvania.  She was born on 13th December in the year 1989. Taylor’s grandmother had been a popular opera singer and Taylor soon followed in her footsteps.  Swift started to perform at an array of local events including contests and fairs, by the age of ten.  Swift also began learning guitar and writing her own songs when she was around 12 years old.

The biggest reasons of her popularity are the lyrics of her songs. Taylor Swift is popular for writing lyrics which can capture the string of your emotion easily. Her songs can resonate with listeners regarding something as universal as your first love, first big heartbreak, unrequited love or nostalgia.

Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs You Must Watch, Listen Today :

Taylor Swift is eminent because she has cultivated an image which appeals to a wide range of people, by creating great music.  She got her start in country music while writing simple yet catchy lyrics which everyone can relate to.

Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2016
Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2016

The decision of beginning in country was smart, as at an early age, she did not have to label herself to entrancing to the commoners and the industry of pop music. She could easily write and perform the way she preferred, without having to become a sex symbol.

1.Tim McGraw

She launched her first big hit named Tim McGraw in the year 2006. This song follows a clear formula just like her other super hits. This song has a really good lyric along with a captivating melody. It is about something that anyone can identify with.

You can Watch it Here :

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

2. All Too Well

Another biggest hit by Taylor Swift is All Too Well from Red. This amazing song recounts a breakup which was not bitter. It was just a love story that did not work out. The main emotion of this song is something that you can easily relate with.  Taylor captures these emotions by using an array of precise imagery which can give you an immediate visual to relate to.

Source : Plinio Buzato

3.Love Story

Naming of Taylor’s another biggest hit would be Love Story.

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO


She wrote and released Mean in the year 2011 for her studio album named Speak Now. The lyric of this song addresses the people who question Taylor’s ability to sing.  This amazing song garnered huge positive responses by music critics and her audience.

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

5.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is considered as a brilliant creation of this talented singer as it broke all the records.

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

6.Blank space

Blank space released in the year 2014 and this song has the same feeling like Taylor is talking to you personally.

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

7.Teardrops on My Guitar

Another popular creation of her is Teardrops on My Guitar which is full of emotion. This song conveys a strong a feeling towards a person you love in spite of knowing that you can’t have him.

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

8. 22

Naming of some other hit songs of Taylor Swift would be 22

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

Our Song

Our Song was released on 16th June 2009 and it was one of the biggest hits at that time.

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO

Bad Blood

Source : TaylorSwiftVEVO
To conclude, her songs are based on a real individual who is dealing with normal things like family, love, heartbreak, friendship, fitting in and so on.

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Free Movie Websites Online : Top 20 Sites to Watch Movies

Top 20 Sites to Watch Movies Online : Watching movies is one of the best ways to get relaxed and make our minds stress-free. But, is it possible to watch your favourite movies whenever you wish? It would be quite difficult to watch your desired movies at any time but it is pretty much possible to watch movies online. One of the best recreational jobs that humans could have been doing through so far is the possibility of watching movies online. It has been proved that movies are one of the best therapies and best healing treatment for stress, depression and several other psychological disorders.

Free Movie Websites Online : Top 20 Sites to Watch Movies Online Free

Sometimes, we throw several bucks to watch our much-loved movies while we could barely do that restraining our favourite movies to watch them again and again. Plus, the contemporary standard of living also confines us to watch movies during our convenient timings. You need not fetch your precious money anymore in order to watch your desired movies instead you could watch movies online.

Top 20 Sites to watch movies Online
Top 20 Sites to watch movies Online

There are bounteous websites where you can watch live streaming of movies online. That would be one of the best ways and a great source for the passionate viewers who are pissed off by spending a lot for expensive movie tickets, junk stuff and other irrelevant things to watch movies online.

Top 20 Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online

It is not just enough to have an idea of watching movies online. You also need to know some of the best websites that help you watch your desired movies online at a high digital picture quality. If you’re not aware of such websites and looking forward for it then you’ve landed in the right place. Here, I’ve compiled a huge list of top 10 best websites that help you watch your beloved movies online without any hassle. Take a look!

  1. WolowTube

WolowTube is one of the popular search engines for movies and TV shows where you can watch your favourite movies, TV shows online for free. It allows you to do HD movie streaming so that you can watch HD movies and TV shows in online streaming without the need of frustrating registration process. This website has currently more than 30,000 movie titles.

  1. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is one of the best competitors that often get updated with bounteous free movies to watch online. PrimeWire has thousands of Hollywood movies that can be streamed at free of cost. But, in order to watch movies, all you need to do is you have to create an account first. You can watch unlimited movies online for free once you log in into your PrimeWire account.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is one of the popular movies streaming websites that lets you watch movies online without registration. There are numerous categories like sports genre, sci-fi genre, horror, action, romance and adventure genre. You can also create watch list with much ease. Just hit the play button to start movies streaming online for absolutely at free of cost.

  1. Hulu

Hulu has acquired a position in the top list of online movie streaming websites as it offers free video streaming for US TV Shows, and movies. Hulu is actually owned by FOX, NBC and ABC. It also an option to purchase the membership of Hulu community so that you can get notified about the release dates of upcoming TV shows and episodes.

  1. Vumoo

Vumoo is the best and top movies streaming site that has more than 60,000 movies in its collection. You can simply type the name of your desired movie and with features like Incremental search, you can filter the results and unlimited scrolling lets you find the whole list of your findings in a single page. You can search movies to watch by their title, actor’s name or genre. There are lots of options for search and watch movies online on Vumoo.

  1. Veiwster

Veiwster is the best online movie streaming website. You can browse for unlimited free Hollywood and Bollywood movies and watch online for free. This is a trusted website which has thousands of visitors. It lets you search for your preferred movies by their genre such as Drama, Love, action and horror. You can simply click on the play button to start watch the movie live streaming online without the need of downloading.

  1. Movie4K

Movie4K is among the authentic movie streaming site that has everything where you can stream unlimited free HD high quality movies and TV shows for free. You can browse and stream unlimited movies online from any of your device such as android, iOS, MAC and Windows platforms.

  1. Watch-movies-online

Watch-movies-online is a new website wherein all the movies are categorized into different sections such as Animation, adventure, action, horror and sci-fi. You can stream movies for free using this website and get entertained all by you.

  1. Streaming-Movies

Streaming-Movies are the best websites that has a good collection of movies and that’s the reason why the site is rated among the top 10 movie streaming websites. All you need to do is just open the website and start browsing your preferred movies and watch it online. You device must be flash player supported to watch movies.

  1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is the best movie streaming websites that does not require registration to watch movies online. You can simply browse movies by their genres like, comedy, romance, Horror, Drama, Action, Kids, Documentary, Sci-fi and much more. You don’t have to register yourself to watch movies. You can just hit the play button to stream movies and your preferred reality shows online without downloading them on to your PC.

  1. YouTube Movies

YouTube is one of the largest video search engines in the world where you can stream movies by paying just a small subscription fees on youtube movies. You need to note that youtube does not store pirated or leaked movies, but you can watch official version of HD movies on YouTube.

  1. Movie25

Movie25 is a good online video streaming sites that can be used to stream and watch movies online for free. It does not provide TV shows but it has a huge collection of popular movies that often gets updated with fresh content.

  1. Ozo Movies

You can watch free movies online with Ozo movies as it is a free online movie streaming site. You can watch HD movies online without the need of hectic registration process. Ozo movies have a huge collection of latest Hollywood movies and you can enjoy them watching with your friends.

  1. Tube Plus

Tube Plus is one of the best online movie streaming sites where you can watch movies online on Tube+. You can even stream free TV shows online without registration.

  1. Movies Planet

You can watch your desired movies and TV shows online with Movies Planet. It is one of the popular free movie sites that allow you to stream movies online.

  1. Snag Films

Snag Films has a pretty good collection of movies that allow you to watch free movies online without subscription. One of the amazing things about Snag films is that they often update its site with various genres.

  1. Yidio

Yidio is the best movie website where you can watch your preferred and latest movies. It does not need any hectic registration process so you don’t have to sign up.

  1. IGLO Movies

IGLO movies are one of the most prevailing platforms to watch full-length movies online without any hassle. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you find the latest movies under the ‘New movies’ category. You will find a huge collection of marvellous movies of each year.

  1. Just Click to Watch

Just Click to Watch is a very popular online movie streaming website to watch movies without any download. You can watch movies online in High Definition. You can filter movies by genres and you can even explore its collection of 3D movies that are available through the genuine links at top.


Zmovie is another best online movie streaming sites where you can navigate through the tabs to discover the particular movie you want to watch online without any downloading process. You can even search through keywords or search in an alphabetical order and once you find the movie, simply click to watch in a large player in high digital quality without any difficulties.

Here ends the list of top 20 free best movie streaming sites of 2016. These are the best websites that help you to stream and watch movies online from any of your device like iPhone, android or PC.

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